360 degree photo BBS

This is a Ricoh Theta 360 degree photo sharing site. H made it on Ruby on Rails. H had also used Bootstap for the design. This allows a basic CRUD function. This is a graduation assignment for the TEC Academy, Web App course.

Relocation service web

This is a website of relocation service company using smartphones in London. It used 3 types of Javascript API. This is a graduation assignment for TEC Academy, front-end course.

How to count in Japanese: Four columns quiz.

This is a quiz site consisting of 4 options. I am coding in Javascript. It deployed on Firebase. The code is basically from the coding site "DotInstall", Then I added the images to the array for my custom.

Japanese Grade search

A site where you can check school grades in Japan selecting a date of birth.

UK Grade search

The site can check your school grade in the UK from your date of birth. The school year in the UK starts each September.

Apps Web site

A website that introduces their products and teams. It supports responsive design. Working only top page.

Message board BBS

It is message board site. It made on Ruby on Rails.


It is twitter clone site with CRUD fanction. It made on Ruby on Rails.


It is a Calendar that made by JavaScript.

Stop Watch

It is a Stopwatch that made by JavaScript.

Typing Game

It is a TypingGame that made by JavaScript.

Slot Machine Undertails

It is a Slot machine game that made by JavaScript.

Numbr Puzzle

It is a Number Puzzle that made by JavaScript.

Toto Forcast

It is a Toto Forcast app that made by JavaScript.

Modal window

It is a ModalWindow lesson on Dotinstall. It is made by JavaScript.

CSS Animation

It is a CSS Animation.Wather Breathing! Second Form! Water Wheel!

CSS Speech Bubble

This Speech Buble made by CSS.

Tab menu -JavaScript

This tab menu made by JS.


This loading icon made by JS Canvas.

New Paper Rock Scissors

It made by JavaScript.It was learned from youtube video Web Dev Simplified.

Dog Year Calculator

This code based on Codecacdamy's one of the lesson. I customed if you put 0 years, or 1years, still work. I used IF syntac. It made by JavaScript.

Accordion menu by JacaScript with Class

It is a Typical accordion menus that made by JavaScript.

Coming soon